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Home security has many levels. Fortunately, our security mavens have the experience to ensure you get the precise system for you and your family at a price that you can afford. You are at liberty to control it all on your smartphone, ipad or computer whether you’re at the office or on the go. You’ll always know what’s happening at your home or business with our automation systems.

Put your Home & Office under a 24/7 surveillance. Watch live & recorded event as you are away. 

Protect your property and compound with an electric fence as you deter criminals away. Safety first!

Give your drive & walkway automation as you remotely control them with ease. You deserve it!  

Authorize, monitor & prevent access to your offices & factories as you also check attendance list. Link it to your payrol at ease. 

We consult, design, and install energy efficient systems with emphasis on power quality optimization. This helps our customers to reduce power demand and attempt to attain energy independence if they incorporate renewable energy systems. Our systems are designed to reduce utility bills for businesses and homes, providing an alternative to generators for backup power, deliver whole-home and whole-room power conditioning, and improve the performance of alternative energy technologies in off-grid and hybrid applications.

Either an individual desiring a single panel to power a television or a homeowner willing to go off-grid, an office or factory looking for a hybrid system. We are just a phone call away!

No Solar panel. Just an inverter and battery(s). More reliable and cost effective compared to a generator set.  

Do you know, a well-designed and professionally installed solar water heater can save a homeowner 50%-80% on their water heating cost? Give it a try!

We always conduct an energy audit; it helps in the designing of a suitable system based on the client’s energy need.  

ZenUp Solutions provides complete IT Support services to Businesses and Individuals across the country. ZenUp is an end-to-end technology solutions provider that combines expertise, creativity and versatility for your success. Here is what you should expect:

We deliver both remote and on-site support across the country, be it repairs & maintenance (Laptops, Servers, Desktops), System upgrade, Networking (Office & Home), Data recovery & backup. etc.

We have the necessary experience and knowledge to eliminate IT related threats before they become problems.

We analyses your needs and provide you with a customized solution fast and reliable.

We provide the best residential, commercial security, computing & solar systems.
Extensive knowledge and expertise in renewable energy and energy efficiency.

We give you solutions for suitable and reliable power, year after year. Photovoltaic Technology is a cost-effective power solution in both short and long time. We proudly boast of a team of selfless, dedicated, and hardworking professionals that work around the clock to ensure that quality services are provided to each client.

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Fully Licensed, experienced & dedicated

Certified Installers

We are trained and certified by the required authorities in carrying out our services. Be assured of perfect cutting edge technology project done.

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We adhere to the best practices and are driven by integrity. Our projects are based on our customers satisfaction. You can always count on us.

Quickest Response

Our doors are always open for all levels of technological and renewable energy consultation. Just make the call and experience ZenUp!

Extensive Knowledge

Working with the latest tec in the solar sector requires constant education about new panels and electric inverters. We never cease learning as tech is evolving year on.

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